What to Expect

What is Counselling?
Counselling offers a safe place to discuss and explore 
your problems.  It can help you to understand your difficulties and find your own way of dealing with
them.  You will be listened to carefully and without judgement.  Counselling can help you make significant changes in your life.

The First Session
In the first session I will ask you to describe the 
you want to work with.  I will also explain 
the counselling process to you and give you chance 
to talk about any concerns you might have about 

The Working Relationship
I believe the working relationship is very important. 
The thought of counselling can be daunting for many 
people.  For me a vital part of counselling is to build 
trust and rapport with my client. 
If you feel safe and comfortable it will become easier 
to address and understand your problem which will 
then enable us to look at solutions.

 I encourage my clients to work collaboratively with me to guide the pace and direction of the work and I will never probe to make a client talk about something they do not want to talk about.

Brief Therapy / Long-term Therapy
I offer short term therapy (normally 6-10 sessions) and also longer term therapy.  The problem that you bring will determine the amount of time we work together.  I will discuss this fully with you in the initial stages.
With brief therapy, although I address the past, I will focus more on the "hear and now " difficulties and work with the client to move towards positive solutions.  Some clients may want to look at past issues in more detail so in this case longer term therapy is required.  

I charge £35-40 per session.